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About the GH Group
GH Induction Atmospheres is part of the worldwide GH Group. The GH Group is one of the largest most experienced induction heating companies in the world with headquarters based in Valencia, Spain, and affiliated Companies in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, South Korea and China.

GH IA Company Profile
GH Induction Atmospheres (GH IA) is an experienced industrial heating system integrator working solely with induction-based technology. In this section you can learn about GH IA's key products, customer base, engineering and manufacturing expertise, and free parts evaluation service.

To market our turnkey heating systems, we have developed strong working relationships with Fortune 500 customers in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries. Our clients include General Electric, Lufthansa Technika, Boston Scientific and Siemens.

Engineering Expertise
Our independent engineering staff has the experience to take your part and design an induction heating solution around it, determining the optimum coil design, capacitor configuration and power supply for effective, consistent heating.

Machine Shop
Our in-house machine shop is equipped to supply a majority of the machined components for our turnkey systems. Having this capability reduces lead time and system costs, and ensures a higher quality product.

Applications Laboratory
In our Application Lab, we’ll evaluate your part samples and determine the best heating approach for your application. We'll analyze all your requirements, determine the optimum combination of RF power and coil configuration for your parts and give you our best advice!

Metallurgical Laboratory
We have a complete in-house metallurgical laboratory for the evaluation of brazing and hardening applications. Our capabilities include the sectioning, metallurgical mounting, polishing, etching and metallographic examination.

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We're always on the lookout for talented mechanical and electrical engineers.

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At work in the Metal Laboratory.
We're an experience industrial heating system integrator.
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