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Heating turbine engine blades for weldingAerospace Manufacturing
Within the aerospace industry, it has become much more economical to repair costly engine components than to replace them. Our turnkey induction heating systems provide cost effective, time-saving solutions for repairing high pressure turbine (HPT) blade tips, Ti weld stress relief, brazing metering plates to dovetails and wear pads to mid-span spars, brazing honeycomb seals and other engine components, handling orphan parts and many other applications. Induction heating offers increased consistency with solid state temperature control & closed loop monitoring systems; maximized productivity and improved quality.

Automotive Manufacturing
Recent initiatives for lean, just-in-time manufacturing within the automotive industry have emphasized the need to find faster and more efficient heating technologies. Induction heating, already used to produce large body and engine parts, is now being utilized for an ever-increasing variety of smaller scale manufacturing processes where quality and consistency are imperative. Plant managers, who must comply with advanced environmental regulations, have discovered that they can reduce their emissions and lower their utility bills by replacing an old fossil fuel furnace with a clean, fast, and efficient induction heating system.

cable and wire heatingCable and Wire Heating
The production of optical fiber conductors and cables requires continous heat for preheating, polymerization and sealing of the insulator, annealing, covering, etc. Because of its compact footprint and precision temperature control, induction heating equipment positioned in line is
the ideal solution for these processes. One of the most commonly applications for induction heating is pre- and post-heating of cables, pipes, strips, wires and mechanical components for welding, extrusion, vulcanizing, sintering, galvanizing, painting or polyethylene coating, or some other type of coating such as Dacromet.

Medical Device Manufacturing
In today’s increasingly competitive global economy, medical device manufacturing companies are continually seeking ways to drive down production costs and accelerate time-to market. At the same time, improved product quality and manufacturing consistency are absolutely essential; there can be no shortcuts when a patient's life and well-being are at stake. Medical device manufacturers turn to advanced induction heating technology to help meet their production, cost and quality goals.

wind turbine machinePower Generation
As the global demand for clean energy increases, wind turbine machines have become increasingly popular because of their relatively small carbon footprint. Designed to produce electricity from the kinetic power of the wind, they produce large amounts of electricity when grouped together in onshore or offshore windfarms.

The production of gear boxes for wind turbines requires a series of paintstaking and expensive manufacturing processes to ensure that the parts have the required quality, strength and durability. Industrial heat treating and hardening sytems from GH Induction Atmospheres can greatly simplify the manufacturing process for slewing rings as well as yaw, pitch and rotor bearings. With precise accuracy and control, GH IA systems can selectively harden specific areas of the gear, producing parts with superior strength and wear resistance.

With heat treating systems from GHIA , manufacturers of wind turbine machines can produce turbines with lower maintenance costs and maximum uptime.

Woodworking (Carbide Saw Tipping)
To meet the needs of the woodworking industry, GH IA has developed a unique turnkey system for brazing carbide tips to rotary saw blades. Designed for semi-automatic or manual operation, the system includes a stepper motor package that rotates the blade to the correct position, along with a pneumatic sled which moves the induction heating coil for easy blade load and unload. A convenient touch screen is provided for machine control and process setup. With this system, carbide tips can be precisely aligned within ±0.002” on the center of the saw blade body for fast, high-quality brazing.

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