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Product Data Sheets
This page provides links to downloadable PDF versions of all our printed literature and reference materials.

White Paper
Our 15-page white paper, "Equipment Solutions for the Brazing of Diamond Tools", provides general overview of the diamond tool brazing process, and reviews recently developed equipment used for the brazing of the components.

Parts Evaluation Form
Download this form to send us along with samples of your parts. Use the form to tell us about your process - we'll analyze your application requirements, determine the optimum combination of RF power and coil configuration for your parts and give you our best advice!

Video Library
These informative video clips show how induction heating can be used for brazing, annealing, heat staking, and many other applications.

Frequently-Asked Questions
Steve Skewes and Dale Wilcox answer the most frequently asked questions about induction heating and GH Induction Atmosphers.

Glossary of Terms
Not everyone who needs an induction heating solution understands all of the technical jargon. Here we present plainly-worded definitions for induction heating terminology.

Useful LInks
This page provides brief profiles and web links for our business associates.

Parts Evaluation Form
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